At Competitive Choice, Inc., we take great pride in our commitment to excellence and providing our customers with exceptional procurement solutions. We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded multiple prestigious cooperative contracts, ensuring our customers can access a wide range of high-quality products and services. These cooperative contracts include:

As a recipient of the Texas Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPPS) contract, we are able to serve public entities in Texas with a wide array of procurement solutions. TIPPS is a cooperative purchasing program that streamlines the purchasing process for government entities and educational institutions in the Lone Star State. This contract allows us to offer competitive pricing and efficient procurement services to our Texas-based customers.


220101 — Safety Equipment, Supplies and Services

210401 — Office and School Supplies Products and Services

210102 — Emergency Responder Supplies, Equipment and Services

220605 — MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations of Facilities and Grounds) Supplies, Equipment, Tool Rental, Sales and Services

We are proud to be awarded the Buy Board cooperative contract. The Buy Board is a national purchasing cooperative that offers competitive pricing and streamlined procurement processes. This contract allows us to provide our customers with access to a diverse range of products and services while ensuring cost savings and efficiency.


657-21 — Building Maintenance, Repair and Operations Supplies & Equipment

690-23 — Energy Saving Lighting Products

691-23 — Water Treatment Chemicals and Pipe Bursting Equipment

Our inclusion in the Good Buy cooperative contract further strengthens our commitment to serving public entities in Texas. Good Buy is a cooperative purchasing program that supports public procurement by offering cost-effective contracts and exceptional supplier relationships. Through this contract, we ensure that our customers have access to reliable products and services that meet their specific needs.


23 7N000 — Facility Services: Building / Equipment Maintenance / Repair

23-24 7M000 — Electrical: Hardware / Supplies / Control Systems / Equipment

23-24 7A000 — MRO: Maintenance / Repair / Operating Supplies / Equipment

23-24 2B000 — Custodial / Janitorial: Cleaning Supplies / Equipment

Our cooperative contract with the Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA) enables us to extend our procurement solutions to a broader network of public entities and non-profit organizations. PCA is dedicated to providing its members with exceptional purchasing solutions, and through this partnership, we can offer our customers access to a diverse range of high-quality products and services at competitive prices.


OD-339-21 — COVID Disinfecting / Sanitizing and PPE Equipment

We are honored to be part of the Allied State Cooperative contract, which allows us to serve public entities in various states across the nation. This cooperative agreement ensures that our customers outside of Texas can benefit from our procurement solutions, accessing a wide array of products and services while enjoying cost savings and efficiency.


23-7457 — Maintenance, Repair, and Operation (MRO) Equipment, Supplies, Materials and Services

Our partnership with Choice Partners enables us to offer a comprehensive selection of procurement contracts to our valued customers. Choice Partners is a national cooperative purchasing organization that connects public procurement entities with reliable suppliers. Through this partnership, we can provide our customers with easy access to pre-negotiated contracts and the highest quality products and services.


22/027MR — M & O Parts and Equipment

Our cooperative contracts with Region 5, 6, and 7 further expand our reach and enable us to serve public entities within these specific regions. These cooperative agreements provide our customers with convenient access to procurement solutions tailored to their geographical area, ensuring efficient and effective procurement processes.


20220705 — Janitorial Equipment, Supplies and/or Services

20220708 — Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

20220503 — Electrical Supplies and/or Services

20220504 — HVAC Capitol Equipment, Supplies and/or Services

20230202 — Maintenance & Operations Equipment Supplies, Rental Sales and/or Services


15.22 — Office Supplies

31.22 — Plumbing Parts, Supplies, Services

29.22 — HVAC Parts, Supplies, Services

6.23 — Janitorial – Equipment, Supplies, Services


CUS2223 — Custodial Supplies

PLUMB2223 — Plumbing Supplies

ELEC2223 — Electrical Supplies

MAIN2324 — Building Maintenance & Safety Supplies


The GSA Schedule, also known as Federal Supply Schedule, and Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), is a long-term governmentwide contract with commercial companies that provide access to millions of commercial products and services at fair and reasonable prices to the government. MAS makes buying easy and efficient with the use of modern technology to connect government buyers and industry.

Competitive Choice is proud to be an industry partner of the General Services Administration (GSA). Through this partnership, we can meet the high standards and regulatory demands of federal organizations through a full range of supplies ranging from hospitality and cleaning equipment to foodservice and chemicals to our government customers. Great value and convenience are of importance when purchasing for a large agency, and with GSA Advantage, Competitive Choice can help get the job done.

As one of the nation’s leading employers for those who are blind or have significant disabilities, The AbilityOne® Program provides high-quality products and services for businesses across the country. Together with the GSA and Ability One, Competitive Choice is pleased to offer AbilityOne products as well as our MAS schedules for industrial and facility products, as well as office supplies to our government customers.

At Competitive Choice, Inc., these cooperative contracts signify our commitment to providing our customers with the best procurement experience possible. By leveraging these partnerships, we can offer you cost-effective solutions, diverse supplier options, streamlined procurement processes, and exceptional customer service.

We are proud to be associated with these esteemed cooperative organizations, and we look forward to continuing to serve our customers with excellence. Contact us today to learn more about how our award-winning cooperative contracts can benefit your organization’s procurement needs.